Current teaching

My teaching at Newcastle includes introductory morphology and advanced syntax.

Previous teaching experience

I have previously coordinated courses and written and delivered undergraduate lectures on introductory and advanced syntax, language typology, the philosophy of language, Spanish language and field methods.

I have also written and delivered lectures on comparative Romance linguistics and taught seminars on introductory syntax, Portuguese linguistics, the history of English, sociolinguistics and writing skills.  

I have also written and delivered MPhil seminars on yes/no questions, null arguments, word order, A-bar movement and parameter hierarchies.

Postgraduate supervision (alphabetical)

I have (co-)supervised a number of undergraduate, masters and PhD theses on syntactic topics, focused on a wide range of language (Spanish, Portuguese, Heritage French, Northern Italian Dialects, Mandarin, Hungarian, Greek, Heritage Polish…).

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me!

Other teaching experience

2018    ‘Where movement fails: minimalist perspectives on islands and extraction restrictions’ Advanced Core Training in Linguistics summer school(ACTL, UCL, London)

2017    ‘Parameter hierarchies and syntactic variation’ Universidade Nova de Lisboa summer school(Lisbon, Portugal)

2017    ‘A-movement and phase theory’, intensive graduate course at MIT (Cambridge, MA., USA)

2016    ‘Case and agreement parameters’ condensed MA summer course, University of the Basque Country (Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain)

2014    ‘Case and parameter hierarchies’ intensive graduate course, State University of Campinas (Campinas, Brazil)

2012    ‘Parameter hierarchies: the case of Case’ and ‘Word order: from typology to theory’ at European Generative Grammar summer school, Wroclaw(EGG, Wrocław, Poland)

2010    ‘Word order and syntactic theory’ and ‘The grammar of Portuguese and Galician’ (with M. C Parafita Couto) at the Verbum summer school (Vigo, Galicia, Spain)

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